Ignatius Piazza

Self Defense Training is Vital for Everyone

Self defense training is for big and small, young and old, and you. It doesn't matter if you weigh 400 pounds or 60 ounces, if you want to stay safe in today's world you need to know how to keep yourself safe from violent attackers. There is a chance that you won't ever have to deal with an armed assailant, but why take that chance? America needs to be proactive in defending themselves. And I know just the place: Front Sight.

Front Sight was founded in 1996 by Ignatius Piazza. Although Front Sight is a fairly young firearms training institute and Ignatius Piazza is pretty new to the industry, they have risen as the worlds premier self defense training and firearms training institute in America. Ignatius Piazza has realized that America needs self defense training and has developed some of the best programs to teach just that.

Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight trains average citizens to levels of skill at arms that surpass those required for law enforcement and military personnel, all without the stress of some big burly guy screaming at you and making you feel bad for not knowing the parts of your gun. Ignatius Piazza has made Front Sight into the family-friendly atmosphere you would find at a theme park or comedy house.

When you arrive at Front Sight, you are surrounded by hundreds of other students all armed to the teeth, and many students have commented that they have never felt safer, even though there are two hundred strangers with guns. This is just one small part of what the students call the "Front Sight Experience."

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