Ignatius Piazza

Ignatius Piazza Steps Up For America

Dr. Ignatius Piazza said it immediately after September 11th: "Arm our pilots!" And now, finally Congress is catching up. According to a Washington Post article, American pilots will finally be allowed to do that which is just common sense: bring firearms aboard their planes. Pilots are already trained to be responsible for the lives of their passengers, and are the ones responsible for the lives of each and every person who flies over, out and into this country, shouldn't they be allowed to have the responsibility of protecting the lives of the passengers in the event of a terrorist attack? Congress, as described in the Washington Post article apparently saw the sense in arming our pilots, and now the Transportation Safety Administration, the TSA, is looking for places to train them.

Dr. Ignatius Piazza, the founder and director of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, has offered his grounds in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dr. Piazza is more than willing to order a fuselage and cabin to his Las Vegas, Nevada site so that pilots can be trained in handling emergency situations onboard their planes. Dr. Ignatius Piazza had no incentive other than altruism in offering his services to the TSA to train as many pilots as the TSA can offer for a 3-day course at $1,000 per pilot. While other private individuals might take the opportunity to get their hands on government money to charge exorbitantly high, Dr. Piazza wants to have pilots trained, therefore he is willing to charge the absolute lowest amount possible in order to have America's pilots trained in full, capable gun use.

Dr. Ignatius Piazza has realized that the TSA will need help in getting pilots through the gun training that many of the pilots have already expressed interest in. In so realizing, and with his desire to safeguard America, Dr. Piazza is determined to get as many pilots of America trained at Front Sight as he can manage.

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