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Defensive Handgun Training Keeps All of America Safe

Handgun training is just one of the many branches of firearms training that Front Sight Firearms Training Institute offers. Front Sight’s defensive handgun training is used by doctors, bell boys, lawyers, house wives, students and garbage collection men and women the world over. Now because of a recent homeland security bill being passed through Congress, Front Sight will be offering its gun training to commercial pilots.

Front Sight is the course for anyone interested in improving or learning firearm handling techniques and it is a must for those who are going to use a firearm for self-defense.
- Stu Williams. Airline Pilot

When you decide you ever never want to be a victim, Front Sight is the only place I would recommend. Front Sight has professional, high class, top-of-the-line instructors.
- Darlene Stubbs, Homemaker

As I have attended two other well known schools, I would have to say that Front Sight is the best firearms school I have attended.
- Mike Hrobuchak, Airline Pilot

I signed up for a Front Sight course to appease my husband. I agreed to come, but not necessarily to shoot. I was afraid of actually shooting something automatic. The instructors were great. After the first shots were fired, I became much more relaxed and had a fantastic time. Now I will likely come back for another course. Thank you for this opportunity.
- Beth Duensing, Homemaker

As these testimonials show, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute offers the finest gun training available in America, perfect for professionals and homemakers alike.

Handgun training needs to be a part of American life. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute recognizes that and brings with it a commitment to excellence.

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