Front Sight

Front Sight Only Hires the Finest

For years, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute has been the leader in gun training. Front Sight has the edge in all forms of gun training, from handgun training to rifle training, shotgun training to submachine gun training, all the way to unarmed self defense training. Dr. Ignatius Piazza, founder and director of Front Sight has only hired the finest instructors for years. Now that the TSA is looking for training grounds for their pilots, Dr. Piazza is more than happy to offer his services at Front Sight. The professional level of expertise at Front Sight is enough to convince anyone that America's pilots should train at Front Sight.

The training regimen and test for instructors at Front Sight is extensive and difficult. According to Dr. Ignatius Piazza's website,, those instructor candidates who do not make the cut the first time around, but demonstrate professional level teaching skills, a customer service attitude and a willingness to study and practice their instructional skills to the levels required to become a Front Sight Instructor are invited to return to the four day Instructor Development Course and repeat it until they are certified to wear the Front Sight Instructor uniform.

Even after successfully completing the Instructor Development Course the training continues through daily "Ongoing Instructor Development" blocks of instruction to fine tune and polish our instructor's teaching and communication skills. These intensive blocks of instruction and correction guarantee the highest degree of consistency, efficiency, and ability in Front Sight's entire instructional staff. Add to all that the fact that Front Sight instructors are expected to be able to perform what they are currently demanding of their students at the drop of a hat. This keeps the Front Sight instructors top of their game and their skills honed, in perfect condition to train America's students & pilots.

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