Ignatius Piazza

Firearms Training for Pilots

Firearms training has always been a good idea, especially for anyone in the law enforcement or military fields. But today, another industry may turn to firearms training as well: pilots. Pilots are responsible for making sure everyone in the plane arrives safely at their destination.

At first it may seem like guns or firearms training would only invite trouble. Image you were a pilot, trained on the effective use of the handgun on your hip. If you were faced with terrorists armed with knives, just by presenting your firearm, you would be able to halt any attackers.

Firearms training at Front Sight will teach you everything you need to know to present your weapon from your holster quickly and efficiently, and how to put your bullets where you want them to go. Dr. Ignatius Piazza founded Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in 1996 on a small range in California. After the program continued to gain members and popularity at an incredible rate, Ignatius Piazza expanded Front Sight to a 550-acre parcel of land in the Nevada desert near Las Vegas.

Front Sight Firearms Training institute has gained popularity for many reasons. Some say because their program is so different. Others say it's because the family-friendly environment, and how there is no boot camp mentality or drill instructor attitudes. No matter what you think the cause is, everyone agrees that Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is the best in the country, and proves it by training more American citizens on the proper use of firearms than all other shooting schools combined!

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