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With Concealed Carry Training For Our Pilots, Terrorists Don't Have a Chance

When an individual wants to obtain a right to carry a concealed weapon permit, there are quite a few hoops to jump through -- the first of which is to receive concealed carry training. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute has, for years, been considered the expert and source point on training for concealed carry training. The percentage of Front Sight's concealed carry training students who go on to successfully obtain a concealed weapon permit is remarkably high, the highest in the gun training industry. Whether it's because Front Sight has a rigorous background check of its own for any incoming student, or whether its because the world-class, top-notch instruction is delivered by highly trained, masterful gun users, Front Sight leads the way in firearms training under the direction of Ignatius Piazza

Success stories from the concealed carry training class abound.

As a former Marine and now in Army Aviation, Front Sight is by far the best firearms instruction I have ever received. I feel 110% more confident in my abilities to carry a concealed pistol than ever before. Thanks Guys, I will see you again.
- Jeremy Espil, USAR

Whether you ultimately decide to carry concealed or not, after this class, at least it will be an informed decision. If you decide to accept a portion of the responsibility for you and your family, you will be able to do a superior job of it.
- J.D Jenkins, Retired

The instruction is very well explained. They can train anyone at any level. After the course, I felt very confident in using a gun, especially concealed.
Dirk Bak, Executive

These are just a bare few of the many successes which come from the concealed carry training courses offered at Front Sight. But that's not all Front Sight offers. Also included in the master training at Front Sight is handgun training, rifle training, shotgun training, unarmed self defense training and even submachine gun training. For any student of any expertise, Front Sight is the absolute best place to train.

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